Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

We are down to the last few weeks before Christmas and I wanted to provide you with a few last minute Christmas Gift ideas for photographers. Maybe its not in your budget to purchase a new DSLR camera or shiny new lens. I provided a few gift ideas that won’t break the bank but will truly impress the photographer on your Christmas list.


Branding Session - What photographer doesn’t need portraits of themselve? Why not book a branding session with one of their favorite photographer and they can use the images on their website and marketing.


T-Shirt for the female photograpHER – How about an Essence of a PhotograHER T-Shirt? This is one of our favorite t-shirts that I see the female photographers wearing.

Long Sleeve Tops for the cold weather - This stylish shirt will keep your photography dry and comfortable. Check out this Nike Long Sleeve Shirts for men and women. These top are perfect because they aren’t too heavy or thin.

Camera Strap – Who couldn’t use a new camera sling strap? If your photographer carries two cameras why not a double strap? If you want something a little more fancy check out this leather Holdfast Money Maker.

Fingerless Gloves - It is getting cold outside so who can’t use a pair of some fingerless gloves?

Business Card Holder - Since you are about ‘business’ why not have a nice card holder to keep your business cards looking good.


The LensPen – The LensPen is perfect for cleaning camera lenses. It is also compact that includes a dust brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element.

Memory Cards - A photographer can never have too many memory cards. I have been sticking with the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards. These cards last a long time and you can get them for a reasonable price.

Memory Card Case - In order to store and provide additional protection I would recommend a water resistant memory card case. This Pelican Memory Card Case will hold 12 cards safely.

External Hard Drive - Every photography has been taught to back up your files and images. Well here are a few great external hard drives that can used to back up your files and images. Western Digital offers a My Passport External Hard drive that is reliable.

Lens Carrying Pouch - I LOVE THIS POUCH!! I purchased this pouch to carry an extra lens and some other small items while on a photoshoot. Sometimes I don’t feel like carrying my bag so this will work. I have the Think Tank Photo Lens Changer 35 that can hold up to a 24-70mm lens. All you have to do is clip it onto your belt.


Pocket Notebook – This book is only 6 inches tall and it great for documenting the little details. With this notebook you can see what you did in a similar situation so you ace the shoot. The Think Then Shoot: A Photographer’s Pocket Notebook is a perfect gift idea.

E-Book - How about an E-Book on portraits and posing? This book has over 70 pages worth of valuable information and broken down into 4 sections; Portraits, Posing, Shooting and Equipment. The Portrait & Posing Workbook is a great book for any photographer.

Business Planner - The planner is sold by Janelle Keys on Etsy and is a PDF printable planner. The Epic Studio Planner for Photographers is all-in-one solution for photographers looking for the perfect 2019 planner to keep them organized in the new year.

This Planner has been custom designed by photographers to meet the specific needs of running a photography business. It has sections of workflow, as well as scheduling and marketing.


If you aren’t buying Christmas gifts for a photographer or want some other gift ideas check out my previous blog post. I provided gift ideas that are under $150