Father's Day Gift Ideas under $150

The big day is coming soon!! What day is it? Why is it a big day? I can give you two good reasons why. Well because I am a father and who doesn’t like being celebrated? At times so much energy will go into Mother’s Day it seems like Father’s Day is it just give dad a neck tie and call it a day.

What made me come up with this blog is because I struggle with trying to be creative for my wife on Mother’s Day and  to share what she had planned for me last year for Father’s Day. One thing we about us is we attempt to not overspend on gifts but we give as much thought as possible.  I am a simple guy so I am happy with some beer, dinner and a gift card but why not do a little more?

Last year my wife treated me to 'Brunch at the Brewery' at a local brewery Swamp Cabbage Brewery in Columbia, SC. It was great to be able to sample their beers and a 4-course meal sampling from The Belgian Waffle Truck. This was very creative and unexpected fathers day.

So I came up with some similar creative Father’s Day gift ideas so we as fathers won’t be stuck with a greeting card and an ugly tie on OUR BIG DAY. As stated above I attempt not to overspend so I provided options that are under $150.



Certain items has a Amazon hyperlink to the gift idea. Click on the item to view the recommended product.


Each below item has a Amazon hyperlink to the gift idea. Click on the item to view the recommended product.

Remember to be creative with the gifts you are buying for anyone but even more creative for the fathers.

Additional Tips – search Facebook and/or Google.com ‘Father’s Day 201x YOUR CITY’ or ‘Father’s Day Brunch’ to see what comes up. Also, visit your favorite restaurant's social media sites to see if they have anything special for the big day. Check surrounding out of town websites for Father's Day activities.

Edited June 2019