My journey into photography and business:

I'm Henry, the man behind J² Images in Columbia, South Carolina. J² Images is a portrait photography company specializing in capturing moments for families, weddings, and events. 

Since childhood, I always remembered having some kind of camera around. I purchased disposal cameras, film cameras, Polaroid's and numerous point and shoot cameras to satisfy my passion for photography. Capturing moments always provided me joy, who doesn't like opening an old box of 4X6 prints and reminisce on the past? 

Childhood until Now...

My passion for photography has always followed me since my childhood. In 2013, my family relocated to Richmond, Virginia. Being in a new city we began to explore the area and realized I need to start capturing these moments.

Around that same time, I realized that one of my former college teammates was a photographer so I started picking his brain on being a photographer. He provided me with some great information and I told him I will 'try to get a camera one day'. He reminded me of a statement that our college coach would always say which was 'trying is a mild form of failure'. Yes, that is right because you can't fail if you don't try. 

Overcoming Fear/Possible Failure:

Soon after, I began researching specifications in a DSLR camera, what camera maker has the best camera and whatever else I could find. Then started visiting camera stores to get additional knowledge on what camera I wanted to purchase.  

THEN I FINALLY DID IT !! I purchased my first DSLR camera, which was a Nikon D5100 with a kit lens. To me, this camera was a middle of the road camera which fit me well. I had no idea what I was doing and how to take photos. I started taking photos from auto and really thought I was producing a decent photo.  Looking back at my photos, they needed help, to put it lightly.

The lovely I "now have a DSLR photo"


In order for me to get better photos, I started watching 'YouTube University' which helped me some but I felt I really needed a classroom training setting. So I searched online and found out that Okello Dunkley had a' Take Your Camera Off Auto Mode!' workshop coming to my area. I purchased the workshop and this really helped me pull together how to work my camera. After the course, I practiced on my craft and really began to know my camera by finally figuring the proper way to take a photo. Since then I've continued to take several photography courses to continue improving.

Soon after, I then realized the kit lens wasn't producing the photos the way I liked so I purchased a Nikon 50mm 1.8 prime lens which, I could immediately notice the difference in my photos with this lens.

After moving to different states and having a child it never seemed to be the 'right time' to turn my hobby into a business. I always was asked when I was going to start my business but I felt I wasn't fully ready or had the time and wanted to make sure I provided an exceptional product to my clients! The logo for the business was created back in 2014 so it was always apart of my plan. In 2017, I was able to begin fully begin my business after putting it off for 3 or so years. I received my first paid session from my cousin for photographing her best friend's bridal shower. The shower was a success and the photos came out good which gave me the assurance that I was ready and it was time to officially launch J² Images. 

Since then I created business cards, business social media pages, taken a photography coaching session and more. This is just the beginning of my journey into photography. Please stay tuned to see what is next for me. Thank you for reading about my journey.